About Our Dogs

Genetic Testing

Our dogs have undergone genetic testing and have been cleared for commonly inherited diseases which affect the breed. 

KL Huntin' For Hunny a.k.a. "Gus"

Meet "Gus"

"Gus" or "Gus-Gus", is one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet! He will always bring a smile to your face with his wiggly body and demeanor. He loves to play, but when he gets worn out he'd much rather lay on the porch and get a belly rub.

KL Scoutin' For Gold a.k.a. "Scout"

Meet "Scout"

"Scout" can best be described as spunky, intelligent, and head strong. She loves to play fetch, swim, and would run all day (if you let her)! She is much more vivacious and energetic compared to "Gus", but come bedtime, she's the first one to crawl into bed for a cuddle.